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The Triad Stabiliser System is the complete package for modern tournament shooters. Recurve and compound. Light weight, balanced and incredibly simple to adjust.

Experienced archers will appreciate the importance of experimenting with different configurations, but sometimes the difficulty and time involved in moving weights can be a real draw back. Not with the Triad! Simply drag the Tuner Weights to the desired position and it will stay put! Experimenting on the range takes only a second, and you can quickly adjust them back to make real time comparisons.

Why only 3 tubes? We have found that using higher quality, wrapped carbon shafts of a larger diameter gives increased durability, lighter mass weight and excellent vibration absorption characteristics.


Each Rod is built using only the finest quality materials. There are no plastic parts on these stabilisers! High quality CNC machined aluminium components act as the support mounts and tuner weights. The wrapped carbon rods are of superior quality when compared to other unidirectional rods commonly used today. All this combines to add that touch of class to the superior function of these stabilisers.


Long Rods - End weight dampener is an optional extra.

Lengths and Weights (Not including dampener) -

  • 26" (175 grams appox.)
  • 28" (177 grams appox.)
  • 30" (179 grams appox.)
  • 33" (182 grams appox.)

Short Rods - End weight dampener is an optional extra.

Lengths and Weights (Not including dampener) -

  • 7" (93 grams appox.)
  • 9" (95 grams appox.)
  • 11" (97 grams appox.)


Lengths and Weights (Not including dampener) -

  • 4" (74 grams appox.)
  • 5" (75 grams appox.)


Each long rod comes with three tuners as standard. Extra tuners are available separately.

(15 grams appox.)


End Weight Dampener Unit

Optional accessory. 1/4" UNC thread fits all Triad and Active Balance long rods and short rods.

(60 grams appox.)




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